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This is a great service and l got approval within 40 minutes !
Mrs. Kelly - Enfield
I have a very poor credit history but got approved the same day
Ms. Downsize - Harlow
Poor credit and no deposit - we still got the finance we wanted
Mr. Regent - Romford

Today, owning a car has become a way of life. Just because you have a poor credit does not mean that you have to buy a cheap, high-mileage bad used car. Even if you end up being rejected at various places, remember that there are many others ready to finance your car no matter what kind of a credit rating you have. A poor credit or even bankruptcy does not disqualify you from going ahead with your plans. On the other hand, if your credit has been termed as poor, it may take a very long time for you to rebuild your credit rating.

Credit granting companies use such parameters to determine how risky you are going to be for them. These financial report cards show both your good and bad grades like your credit history, the number of credit cards, your personal loan accountís performance, payment habits and the balance due. Paying off arrears and consolidating debts could help you improve your score. A low credit rating may hinder you from getting the loan at desirable rates. You can make use of an auto loan calculator available online to make sure which category you fall in.

It is still true though that a person whose credit repayment record is poor will always remain a high-risk in the eyes of the lender. Banks and other lenders might refuse to help them. The solution is to find a specialised lender who can offer specialised loans and usually have a wide array of loans especially for those with a bad record. It doesnít matter whether you are planning to lease your vehicle or purchase a new one; there is always a lender somewhere to offer you loans that maximise your savings. You can ensure your loan is in safe hands by conducting research of the many online lenders. Make sure you donít end up paying more than the worth of your car. This happens when you take a loan on a very low or no-down-payment basis. The same is the case if you have taken a poor credit car financing for a fast-depreciating vehicle.

Make a study of your current credit report to analyse your current financial health. Check the loan tenor and whether you can repay this properly before deciding on the right loan for you. Remember that the interest rates fixed will have no resemblance on your track record but instead will depend on your negotiating skills. Make sure you are getting the lowest interest rate and also the lowest possible down payment. So apart from your car dealership, make sure you check with the local banks and financial institutions also. Various websites can help you seek car financing at cheap rates and also guide you with other aspects of loan applications.

At the end of the day you need someone to finance you who place more emphasis on your current situation rather than your past history and recognise your improved circumstances.