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This is a great service and l got approval within 40 minutes !
Mrs. Kelly - Enfield
I have a very poor credit history but got approved the same day
Ms. Downsize - Harlow
Poor credit and no deposit - we still got the finance we wanted
Mr. Regent - Romford

At Used Car Finance Quote we offer Poor Credit car finance. Are
you wondering if youíre ever going to own that car that you have always
wanted with no or poor credit report? Do you already want to lose hope and
admit to the world that youíre never going to have your own car because
youíve built a bad credit history?

No need to despair. This may be the perfect solution for you. Poor credit
car financing has been invented to enable you to do this. If you have no idea
what we are talking about, read on to this article which tackles and answers
the common questions that people have about this type of guaranteed car finance.

1. What is poor credit car finance?

Also known as bad credit car loans, this is the type of financing that gives
people with bad credit report a chance to get a loan and buy their dream car.
Before, companies readily reject people with bad credit history but with
emergence of this kind of loan and of lenders who are willing to lend money
to people labelled as high risk borrowers, getting a car loan is not as difficult
as it used to be.

2. Where can I get this type of loan?

Today, many auto loan companies refer to themselves as specialist bad credit
car finance companies. These are the lenders that will give you a
chance to acquire a loan even with poor credit history.

These companies will not be judgmental even if you have had mortgage and
tax debts or bills you werenít able to pay on time. They will be more concerned
at your present financial status and ability to pay than your
past financial blunders.

3. Who typically avails this kind of loan?

Number one on the list are of course people who have had poor credit
history. A poor credit history could have been a result of not paying bills on
time, making a mistake in payment, bankruptcy, mortgage or rent arrears,
defaults on bills and many others.

Aside from them, people who are self employed, freelancers or those who are
just fresh out of college and do not have sufficient credit history are
also likely to opt for this type of car bad credit car finance so they have the opportunity to still drive.

4. What should I do in preparation before I get a poor credit car loan?

First you need to examine your finances to see how much you can
comfortably pay for every month. Then you also have to straighten up your
credit report as much as you can. For example, if you have pending bills,
pay them on time.

Next, you have to look around your area or search online for these companies.
Once youíve found the right one for you, make sure that you
are honest about your credit rating and make an effort to explain
why it has become bad. Lastly, do a research about poor credit car loans.
5. What do I need to apply for this loan?

You need to prepare the necessary documents such as proof of income and
employment (i.e. pay stubs, receipts).
6. What is the downside of getting a bad credit car loan?

Interest rates are higher in bad credit car loans than in regular ones. Interest
rates vary from 12% to 18%.
More than a dream or luxury, a car is a necessity. Donít let a bad credit report
hinder you from owning one.