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This is a great service and l got approval within 40 minutes !
Mrs. Kelly - Enfield
I have a very poor credit history but got approved the same day
Ms. Downsize - Harlow
Poor credit and no deposit - we still got the finance we wanted
Mr. Regent - Romford
At Used Car Finance Quote we offer no deposit car finance on both new and used vehicles. We achieve an excellent rate of approval and can provide guaranteed car finance no matter what your circumstances are. The majority of the time you can go to any car dealership, select the car you want and then get car finance. The no deposit car finance would then be paid directly to the dealership.

This is available even if you have CCJ's, defaults, arrears or have little or no credit history. We do undertake a credit history check, however this is mainly used to confirm your indentity and info submitted. The finance provided is secured on the vehicle and therefore you can select any make or model of vehicle.

Our service is fast, easy and simple, the best of all .... our service is free. Submit your details today and get your poor car finance approved in days.