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This is a great service and l got approval within 40 minutes !
Mrs. Kelly - Enfield
I have a very poor credit history but got approved the same day
Ms. Downsize - Harlow
Poor credit and no deposit - we still got the finance we wanted
Mr. Regent - Romford

If you are looking for a no credit check car finance solution then you should consider acquiring a specialist loan. There are many loans available these days that do not require you to have a gleaming credit history. No credit check car finance judges if a person can obtain an approved loan by their current ability to pay the loan back, not by their past. That means if you are suffering from a bad credit history or even no credit history you can acquire a no credit check car finance loan and not worry about what your past says about you.

This type of loan is contrary to the historical behaviour of financing. Typically if you have a good credit history it is often very easy to secure car finance and if you have a bad credit history it can be notoriously difficult to get any loans at all. With this type of loan you can get your hands on the car finance you need without worrying about how your credit history will affect your chances of getting the finance and the amount you will receive.

Like any other standard loan, a no credit check loan will be either secured or unsecured. Typically you are more likely to qualify for a secured loan than an unsecured one, especially if you are after a ‘no credit check’ car finance loan.

What is a secured loan? A secured loan means the money you borrow is guaranteed by a possession. Typically the security is your home for most loans although specifically for a no credit check car finance loan, it might just be that the car itself is the security. This security is the finance company’s insurance that you will be able to pay back the money they loan to you. For this type of loan, if you fail to meet your monthly payments there is a danger that the company will take your home or car depending on what the security was.

What is an unsecured loan? An unsecured loan is a little harder to get a hold of for most people because it does not require any security for the company. The car finance company will lend you money without the danger of your home being taken away if you fail to meet payments. This type of loan is especially beneficial for tenants and other non home owners who need a loan.

To obtain a car loan without a credit check you will most likely have to prove a stable income so that you can assure the company that you have the ability to pay the loan. It’s easy to apply for no credit check car finance as more and more companies are emerging who specialise in dealing with people who have a bad credit history. You can apply in a variety of ways such as online at your chosen company’s website or filling in a general application form for a quote from a variety of companies with no credit check.